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Conference Held to Review XJTU Graduate Education in 2011

On the afternoon of Dec. 29, 2011, a conference was held at Nanyang International Hotel to sum up the graduate education work in 2011 and to exchange experience.The conference was chaired by Prof. Chen Tianning, Executive Vice Dean of Graduate School, and was attended by Vice President Cheng Guangxu, the staff of GraduateSchool, the school deans in charge of graduate education, and other people concerned.

The conference was first conducted in groups: one consisting of the schools in engineering, and the other consisting of schools in science, medicine, economics, management and arts. The deans made reports about their achievements and problems in graduate education work in 2011, which was followed by in-depth discussion.Then at the plenary session, Prof. Wang Hong and Prof. He Maogang, vice deans ofGraduateSchool, gave a summary report respectively on behalf of the aforementioned two groups. The conference was concluded in Prof. Chen Tianning’s summary remark.

In his speech, Vice President Cheng affirmed the achievements in postgraduate education in 2011, summed up the problems and communicated the overall plan for the university work in 2012.He stated, the year of 2011 was crucial in implementing the national medium- and long-term education reform plan. In this year, improving quality of talents cultivation was the center of the university work and great achievements was made in graduate education.The importance of graduate education in building a world-level university was highlighted, the next five-year plan for graduate education was completed, and a mechanism was put in place to motivate students in their research.The model of resources distribution was improved,the reform in admission was furthered,and the quality of the admitted students gradually improved.The training of the administrative staff in postgraduate education was strengthened and their work performance improved. The international cooperation was forwarded, marked by the level and frequency of the postgraduates exchange programs. In 2012, the work at the school level should conform to the scientific development view and focus on enhancing quality.Efforts should be made to stabilize the scale, to highlight the feature, and to build the administrative system and working system which help to improve quality. Guidance and management should be tailored to the individual discipline and quality standards should be adopted to accommodate the needs of the discipline. To adapt to the national and regional economic development, professional degree education should be strengthened. The course and practice system that caters to the need of professional degree education should be developed, off-campus practice bases should be constructed and the double-tutor system should be implemented to promote integration of production, teaching and research. Education should be opened further to take advantage of the high-quality educational resources in the world.Graduate admission reform should be furthered by strengthening publicity, improving the quality of the admitted students, reforming the entrance examination, making full use of the secondary exam in the student selection and strengthening supervision.Graduate education administration should be improved.

At the conference, 12 people were commended as Excellent Postgraduate Education Administrative Staff.


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