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XJTU Launches Preparation for the Third Discipline Evaluation

   In response to the circular of the Ministry of Education about the third discipline evaluation, XJTU Degree Evaluation Committee (DEC) held its enlarged meeting on Dec. 31, 2011 to make arrangements. The meeting was presided over by President Zheng Nanning, Chairman of DEC, and was attended by Vice President Xu Zongben, Academician, Vice President Cheng Guangxu, Associate Chairman of DEC, the other five associate chairpersons, and heads of Graduate School and Office of Developmental Planning and Key Construction Projects.

This round of discipline evaluation will be made in accordance with Discipline Catalogue for Academic Degree Granting and Talents Cultivation issued by the State Council’s Academic Degree Committee and the Ministry of Education in 2011. The overall level of first class disciplines authorized to award doctor’s and master’s degree will be assessed by four primary indexes, including teaching staff and resources, scientific research, quality of talents education and discipline reputation, and by over ten secondary indexes specified by discipline categories. International exchange of students is included as an important secondary index below the primary index of quality of talents education. Based on the evaluation results, development of disciplines will be analyzed and discipline ranking will be made. The evaluation results in the form of discipline ranking will be publicized by China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center in Chinese Postgraduates and on China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Information Network.

At the meeting, XJTU Graduate School reported their preparatory work for the third evaluation and the voluntary applications for evaluation from schools. Participants agree that the discipline evaluation has been increasingly valued by the state and recognized by the society, and the evaluation result has become an important standard which affects the Ministry of Education’s input into universities and colleges. Therefore, great importance should be attached to the third evaluation at the level of both the university and the schools. Through a comprehensive discipline evaluation, we can come to a clear understanding about the status quo of the discipline, its strengths and weaknesses, which, in turn, can promote the construction of the discipline and the development of the university. Based on the discussion and analysis of the advantages and features of various disciplines in XJTU, a list of the disciplines to participate in the evaluation and the concrete working guidelines for preparation finally came out.

Another topic at the meeting concerned the plans and schemes for XJTU strong disciplines to participate in the international evaluation. It was decided that the leading group for the international discipline evaluation will be set up, which consists of the university administrator in charge and the heads of the schools and functional departments concerned and will be responsible for the contact with the experts in the disciplines concerned and with the evaluation experts at home and abroad. Starting from the latter half of 2012, preparation for international evaluation of the world top-class disciplines will be completed within two years. Participants at the meeting also discussed about establishment of the Degree Appraisal Subcommittee in Frontier Institute of Science and Technology and adjustment in the function and members of the Degree Appraisal Subcommittee in School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering and in School of Life Science and Technology.

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