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Conference Held Concerning Engineering Doctor Education in XJTU

   The conference about engineering doctor (EngD) education in XJTU was held on Dec. 1st, 2011. The participants discussed about the enrollment of the EngD program, its curricular design, etc. Present at the conference were President Zheng Nanning, Vice President Song Xiaoping, the heads of Graduate School , School of Mechanical Engineering , and School of Electronic and Information Engineering, as well as directors of national major scientific research projects.


The State Council Academic Degrees Committee had given approval to 25 degree-conferring units to launch the EngD program in four fields, including electronics and information, biology and medicine, advanced manufacturing, and energy and environmental protection. As one of the approved universities, XJTU will offer the EngD program in electronics and information, and advanced manufacturing.

At the conference, President Zhen said engineering doctor program is not a simple extension of engineering master program; rather, as a new model to cultivate high-level talents, it has been set up to satisfy the nation’s demand for high-level engineering and technical talents, especially the high-end leading talents, and to perfect the education system for engineering and technical talents. He proposed enrollment of the EngD candidates should rely on the country’s major demands and major special projects and be oriented to the high-level talents in large enterprises undertaking the state’s major special projects. He said the school plans to set up the EngD Cultivation Center and the Steering Committee for EngD Cultivation to provide individualized education to students on the EngD program amid the current graduate education atmosphere and the program should be conducted in close cooperation with enterprises. He hoped that the EngD program can invigorate the scientific research in XJTU and strengthen the bonds between XJTU and enterprises.

Vice President Song remarked that lack of high-level engineering and technical leading talents has affected the innovative power and international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises. So it is a strategic task for China ’s engineering education to produce high-level leading engineering and technical talents. He gave concrete suggestions about EngD enrollment and joint cultivation between the university and enterprises.

Participants at the conference voiced their thoughts about the EngD program actively. Based on the discussion, Graduate School will formulate relevant policy and draft up the General Enrollment Regulations.

The EngD program marks a system innovation and provides a system support for cultivation of engineering and technical talents and for cooperation between universities and enterprises and between China and other countries. Meanwhile, it contributes to the diversity of professional degrees in China and to the development of professional degree education at the doctorate level. Engineering doctors are co-cultivated by universities and enterprises and the degree is awarded by universities.

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