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A Brief Introduction to the Graduate Students Financial Assistance System

Updated on August 10, 2018

The Graduate Students Financial Assistance System of Xi'an Jiaotong University falls into five categories: Scholarship, Three-assistance Allowance, Student Loan, Difficulty-solving Subsidy, and Tuition Fee Compensation. 
1. Scholarship

    Scholarship comes in two types: ordinary scholarship mainly from the state grant and social scholarship donated by alumni, enterprises and other personnel. Scholarship has an overall coverage of over 90% of master's degree candidates, all first-year master's degree candidates recommended without taking the entrance examinations, and full-time non-oriented doctoral candidates. The university waives tuition fees of scholarship recipients.

2. Three-assistance Allowance

   Three-assistance Allowance refers to the allowance granted for graduates' working as teaching assistant, research assistant and administrative assistant. Generally, each graduate student does research assistance work and receives allowance from their supervisors. The students can also be employed as a teaching assistant or an administrative assistant, and paid by the university.

3. Student Loan

   Student Loan consists of the state student loan with interest subsidized by the state and ordinary commercial student loan with interest not subsidized by the state. Both are credit-based student loan and do not require guarantee.

   Graduate students can apply for the Student Loan with their admission notice from the university or student card at the university or their original living place. The Office of Students Affairs has staff members providing consultancy and assistance.

   The university encourages graduate students with financial difficulties to apply for the state student loan in order to cover their tuition fees, accommodation and other living expenses during graduate study.

4. Difficulty-solving Subsidy

   The university provides difficulty-solving subsidies to graduate students with great financial difficulties in the forms of material objects, temporary difficulty-solving subsidy, and long-term difficulty-solving subsidy.

5. Tuition Fee Compensation

    For graduate students of the university who have worked after graduation for no less than 3 years at grassroot-level units in middle/western regions or remote underdeveloped places of the country, the state will compensate their paid tuition fees, the principal of the state student loan obtained during graduate study, and the resulting interest before full repayment. 




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